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Dental Instruments

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Dental Instruments

Tooth Ext Forceps

Art No. G14-51-151

Tooth Ext Forceps

Art No. G14-51-153

Roots, with Parallel beak 233

Art No. G14-51-233

Incisors and Bicuspids 1

Art No. G14-51-301

Incisors and Bicuspids 2

Art No. G14-51-302

Bicuspids 7

Art No. G14-51-307

Bicuspids 13

Art No. G14-51-313

Molars 17

Art No. G14-51-317

Molars 18

Art No. G14-51-318

Molars 22

Art No. G14-51-322

Roots 33

Art No. G14-51-330

Roots 33

Art No. G14-51-333