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Dental Instruments

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Dental Instruments

Roots 51

Art No. G14-51-351

Roots, Very Fine Beak 51A

Art No. G14-51-351-01

Third Molars 67 A

Art No. G14-51-367-01

Molars 73

Art No. G14-51-373

Incisors and Roots 74

Art No. G14-51-374

Incisors and roots , with fine beak 74N

Art No. G14-51-374-01

Third Molars 79

Art No. G14-51-379

Incisors and cuspids 1

Art No. G14-51-401

Bicuspids 7

Art No. G14-51-407

Incisors and cuspids 13

Art No. G14-51-413

Molars , Right 17

Art No. G14-51-417

Molars , left 18

Art No. G14-51-418